Vaccine Exemption Rates for Students in Texas

Less than 1% of students in Texas are not vaccinated, but health officials report that the number of school-age children who do not have their shots has quadrupled over the past 10 years.

Schools where more than 5% of the students are not vaccinated have the greatest risk of an outbreak of vaccine-preventable diseases. The problem is that parents may have a hard time getting information on the vaccination rate at their child’s school.

Investigators with CBS11 found dozens of schools and charters in Texas with high vaccine exemption rates. The charter school Trivium Academy in Carrolton reported that over 12% of students had a vaccine waiver last year.

There were at least 19 schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area where more than 5% of students had vaccine exemptions.

Those schools include elementary schools in the Plano ISD (Hightower), Frisco ISD (Bledsoe), McKinney ISD (Walker and Eddins), Lewisville ISD (Hicks), and Grapevine-Colleyville ISD (Colleyville).

Furthermore, 8 schools in the Denton ISD had more than 5% of students with a waiver for at lease one required vaccine. Those schools include Ryan HS, Denton HS, Braswell HS, Guyer HS, Newton Rayzor ES, Savannah ES, Adkins ES, and Woodrow Wilson ES.

Source: Parents Often Kept In Dark About Schools’ Vaccine Rates

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